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Sultan Rahi

Sultan Rahi
 was a legendary action film hero and The Sultan (The King), who ruled Pakistani Punjabi films in two decades from 1975-1995. He appeared in more than 700 movies and was the most successful film hero on box office ever.
Sultan Rahi began as an extra actor in 1956 from film Baghi and struggled many years. In the late 1960's he got some significant roles as supporting, villain and character actor. 1972 was a turning point in his film career, when three of his main films celebrated diamond jubilees. In 1975 he appeared in a very violent but super hit film and became an icon of action hero. In 1979 film Moula Jatt (1979) created all time business records. He dominated film industry until his death.
Sultan Rahi
Sultan Rahi belonged to an Urdu speaking family migrated from Muzaffar Nagar, District Bijnore, UP (Utter Pardesh) India after partition, he settled in Rawalpindi. Before joining films he acted in a stage drama named Nadir Shah Durrani in 1955. He was born in 1938 and killed by an unknown killer on January 9, 1996.
To Remembering The Sultan, here are some amazing film records and pictures of this great actor, which are provided by his fans Mr. Mazhar Ul HaqTariq and their friends from Pakistan. I'm also grateful to Mr. Waseem Khawar from Saudi Arabia who contributed to film records from Lahore circuit. These facts were published on the old site on 7.1.2006.

Sultan Rahi's film records:

  • Total films 800+
  • Punjabi films 580+
  • Urdu films 160+
  • Other languages films 5
  • Double version films (Urdu/Punjabi) 56
  • Films as Hero 500+
  • Combined title rolls 430+
  • Solo title rolls 350
  • Films awards 160
Sultan Rahi's big Jubilee films
  • Sultan Rahi - an action hero
    400+ weeks = 1 film = Sher Khan (1981 - 444 Weeks)
  • 300+ weeks = 2 film = Sala Sahib (1981 - 318 weeks), Moula Jatt(1979 - 310 weeks)
  • 200+ weeks = 1 film = Chann Veryam (1981 - 220 weeks)
  • 150+ weeks = 5 film = Basheera (1972), Wehshi Jatt (1975), Moula Jatt (Second Run, 1979), Sholay (1984), Akhri Jang ()
  • Diamond Jubilee film after death = 1 film = Sakhi Badshah (103 weeks)
  • Solo Diamond Jubilee at Main Theatre's: 
    Sher Khan 172 weeks at Naghma Cinema (and 35 weeks at Mehfil Cinema)
    Moula Jatt 130 weeks at Shabistan Cinema (and 26 weeks at Odeon Cinema)
    Sala Sahib 130 weeks at Metropole Cinema
  • Sultan Rahi is the only actor in Pakistani film history, who appeared in diamond jubilee films as hero and villain.
  • Sultan Rahi is the only film hero, who's two films Moula Jatt and Sher Khan celebrated diamond jubilees in Karachi in their second runs.
  • Solo Platinum Jubilee at Main Theatre's:
    Wehshi Jatt 80 weeks = (53 weeks at Shabistan Cinema and 27 weeks at Odean Cinema)
    Chann Veryam 82 weeks = (53 weeks at Gulistan Cinema and 29 weeks at Naz Cinema)
  • Solo Golden Jubilee at Main Theatre: 
    Khan Chacha 66 weeks at Capital Cinema
    Sultan Rahi
    Wehshi Jatt 53 weeks at Naghma Cinema
    Chann Veryam 53 weeks at Gulistan Cinema
  • Solo Golden Jubilee at Main Theatre's: 
    Basheera 63 weeks = (36 weeks at Naz Cinema and 27 weeks at Odean Cinema)
    Raka: 66 weeks = (40 weeks at Sanober Cinema and 26 weeks at Mubarik Cinema)
    Kaley Chor 51 weeks = (26 weeks at Shabistan Cinema, 14 weeks at Mehfil Cinema and 11 weeks at Odean Cinema)
    Shakhi Badsha (39 weeks at Shabistan Cinema and 12 weeks at Nigar Cinema)
Some memorable films..
  • Moula Jatt was released on February 11, 1979. 
    Moula Jatt celebrated diamond jubilee in Karachi
    This mega hit film completed 130 weeks at Shabistan Cinema and 26 weeks at Odeon Cinema Lahore and combined 310 weeks Moula Jattin its first run. 
    Moula Jatt
    This film also completed Solo Golden Jubilees in Faislabad, Rawalpindi and Multan and solo silver jubilees in Gujranwala, Sialkot, Sargodha and Gujrat. During it's second run Moula Jatt completed combined Diamond Jubilee at Metropole cinema (30 weeks) and Capital cinema (34 weeks) Lahore. At second run it was released at 27 cinemas and completed Silver Jubilee in first week and Golden Jubilee in Second week at Lahore - a unique record! It was the first ever Diamond Jubilee at Qaiser and Godian Cinema Karachi in second run. This film was prepared in just Rs. 600.000 and gained a profit of more than Rs. 60.000.000. Still average business of Moula Jatt is all time record in Pakistan.

  • Sher Khan was released on Eid-ul-Fittar, August 2, 1981. 
    This film completed 172 weeks at Naghma Cinema (another weeks record on a single cinema!) and 35 weeks at Mehfil cinema Lahore and combined 444 weeks in its first run, which is an all time record for any Pakistani film for the heights number of weeks. Sher Khan also completed Solo Golden Jubilee in Rawalpindi and solo silver jubilees in Gujranwala, Multan, Sialkot, and Faislabad. During the second run Sher Khancompleted Diamond Jubilee in Karachi and Golden Jubilee in Lahore. This is also a single film that completed Silver Jubilees in Lahore and Hyderabad at its third run.

  • Sala Sahib was also released on August 2, 1981 and completed 130 weeks at Metropole cinema Lahore and combined 318 weeks in Lahore. 
    Sala Sahib (1981)
    This film had also celebrated solo Silver jubilee at Gujranwala, Faislabad, Multan and Rawalpindi. That was a golden jubilee film in Karachi as well and had great golden jubilee in second run in Lahore and silver jubilee in its 3rd run in Sialkot.
  • Chann Veryam was third big film released on the Eid-day, August 2, 1981 - what a day for Pakistani films!! This film completed continuously more than 53 weeks at Gulistan Cinema and 27 weeks at Naz cinema Lahore and combined 205 weeks. This film had also celebrated solo golden jubilee (50 Weeks) at Gujranwala and solo silver jubilee in Multan and Rawalpindi.

Sultan Rahi's some other record's
  • Sultan Rahi
    During the year 1989, Sultan Rahi's 35 films were released with 26 titles.
  • Sultan Rahi's super hit films Majhoo andZindagi were completed in just 16 days and
  • Sher Khan was completed within 21 days.
  • Sultan Rahi's 90 films with 55 title rolls were released on Eid-ul-Fittar occasions and 66 films with 39 title rolls were released on Eid-ul-Azha occasions.
  • According to film director of film BasheeraMr. Aslam Dar: "I wanted to cast Sawan as title role but he had demanded 70 thousands rupees. But after his refusal and demand for a lot of money I had cast to Sultan Rahi as Basheera just for rupees 7 thousands..." After the success ofBasheeraSultan Rahi became Supustar with more than 70 thousands ruppes per film charges and Sawan became going down as villain and supporting rolls.
  • During 11 years (1986 to 1996 ) the quantity of his released films is 304, that is tremendous record.
  • During three years (1989 to 1991) the quantity of his released films is 101.
  • During the following years the quantity of his released films is more than 20 per year. 1976: 26 films, 1979: 32 films, 1981: 31 films, 1983: 21 films, 1984: 28 films, 1986: 32 films, 1 987: 21 films, 1988: 23 films, 1989: 35 films, 1990: 34 films, 1991: 32 films, 1992: 31 films, 1993: 26 films, 1994: 25 films, 1995: 21 films,1996: 24 films.
Sultan with other actors
Sultan Rahi with his heroines
Sultan Rahi
Sultan Rahi's director's
  • Masood Butt with 36 films and 26 titles, Younas Malik with 31 film and 25 titles, Iqbal Kashmiri with 33 films, Hasan Askari with 26 films and Altaf Hussain with 26 films.
  • 129 directors cast Sultan Rahi in Title Rolls.
  • 115 directors cast Sultan Rahi in their very first films.
  • 60 directors cast Sultan Rahi as title rolls in their very first films.
  • Not any of Sultan Rahi's film was failed with directorYounas Malik, they were together in 18 successful films.
Sultan Rahi's writer's
Sultan Rahi grave

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