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Waheed Murad

Waheed Murad - A Legend Hero

    Waheed Murad
  • Waheed Murad was the most popular and stylish romantic hero in Pakistan. His nicknames were Chocolate Hero andRomance ka Shehzada
  • He was a handsome person also the most well dressed hero of its times
  • He was a craze among his fans. He was the first actor in Pakistan whose fan clubs were made and still 25 years after his death, his fans celebrate a week by running his 7 movies on cinemas every year, also his hair style was adopted by people
  • He was Pakistan’s most favourite hero among girls. In his hey-days once he went to Sadar area of Karachi in his white car, realizing it is Waheed Murad’s car, a group of 30 college girls covered the vehicle with lipstick kisses
  • He is compared with Hollywood actor Elvis Presley due to some similarities between them. Both enjoyed early success, the status of being the most mesmerising personalities of their own countries, great fame and then sudden fall and tragic death
  • He is the first rock‘n’roll dancing hero in Pakistan and he gave new style of pasteurizing songs
  • He is the first Pakistani hero whose official website was launched at in 2002, now it is not available
Film career:
  • He appeared in a guest role in film Sathi (1959), then he started his carrier as a film producer with Insaan Badalta Hay (1961) through his father’s production house Film Arts
  • As an actor he was casted in film Aulad (1962) in a supporting role, where he was the son ofHabib and Nayyar Sultana
  • He got breakthrough from Heera aur Pathar (1964), which was the first movie by top directorPervez Malik
  • His film Armaan (1966) was first ever platinum jubilee Urdu film in Pakistan. With the success of this film Waheed Murad became the top most star in Pakistan film industry and ruled next 10 years. The team of Waheed Murad, director Pervez Malik, musician Sohail Rana, singerAhmad Rushdi and lyricist Masroor Anwar was very popular in late 60s and they produced some successful films, later they were separated. His other platinum jubilee urdu films wereAnjuman (1970) and Aawaz (1978), while Shabana (1976) was his only diamond jubilee film
  • Waheed Murad played villain role in Sheeshay ka Ghar (1978)
  • His first Punjabi film Mastana Mahi (1971) was super hit, his other Punjabi film Ishq Mera Naa(1974) celebrated platinum jublilee. He worked in 9 Punjabi and 1 Pashto film
  • His last released film in his life was Maang Meri Bhar Do (1983)
  • Hero (1985) and Zalzala (1987) were released after his death
  • He really wept while shooting of a touching scene in film Maa Beta (1969)
  • His favourite movies were Armaan (1966), Insaniyat (1967), Anjuman (1970) and Andaleeb(1969). Armaan had such a tremendous impact on him, he named his house in Lahore Qasr-e-Armaan
  • His film Rishta Hay Pyar Ka (1967) was the first film of Pakistan which was shot abroad (In England). It was also his first color film
  • Film Naag muni (1972) was the first film in Pakistan, where hero and heroine played double roles, hero was Waheed Murad and heroine was Rani
  • He was hero in Chand Sooraj (1970), the first Pakistani film which was based on two different stories
  • Waheed Murad
  • He invited Shabnam to then west Pakistan and cast her in film Samundar (1968)
  • Top Pashto film hero Badar Munir was his driver before films, Waheed Murad introduced him in film Jehan Tum Wahan Ham (1968)
  • He became the first personality in Pakistani films who was hero, director, producer, script writer and singer in the same film, which was Ishara (1969)
Privat life:
  • Waheed Murad was born into a wealthy family in Karachi on October 2, 1938. He was called as Veedu at home. His father Nisar Murad was a film distributor in Karachi. His mother’s name was Shireen Murad. He was the only child of his parents.
  • He passed matric from Mary Colaso school, Karachi. He did B.A. in arts from S.M. college, then he did Masters in English literature from Karachi University.
  • His house was at Tariq Road, Karachi.
  • His height was 5’ 11”.
  • He fell in love with Salma when he was in 9th class, finally they married on Thursday September 17, 1964. His wife was the daughter of an industrialist, who was the owner ofH. M Silk Mills.
  • His one daughter died in infancy, He had other two children Aalia and Adil Murad, who also worked in films.
  • He suffered a serious accident at Ravi Road, Lahore in November 1983 but survived.
  • He died by heart attack in Karachi on Wednesday, November 23, 1983 at the age of 45. His father died in 1982, he died in 1983 and his mother died in 1984. He was buried in Gulberg graveyard, Lahore.
  • His wife Salma Murad could not see him after his death, when he died she was in USA, Salma’s sister phoned her, she couldn’t get flight but somehow reached London and then traveled to Karachi, when she reached here they had taken his body to Lahore, when she came Lahore he was buried.

By Muhammad Rizwan Anjum, Gujrat, Pakistan

(This article was published on Pakistan Film Magazine on 22.11.2008)

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