Monday, 2 September 2013

Pakistan Film Magazine - an infotainment site

Pakistan Film Magazine is the first, largest and a unique infotainment website on Pakistani movies, music and artists. It is an individual effort and continuously published and updated since May 3rd, 2000. It is also available on mobile version on the same URL. Click on links below and read more details..

Detailed film records with Online Movies
Pakistan Film Magazine is presenting huge data, Online Movies, songs and videos on Pakistani artists. Click on any image below or find the specific pages of your favorite artists..


Movies Online!

Some examples are..
Click and read more on: Actors | Directors | Musicians | Singers | 802 expired artists

Watch Movies Online
Pakistan Film Magazine has the largest collections of Online Pakistani Movies with rare info, images, videos and figures & facts..
Database contents
Pakistan Film Magazine is presenting a huge database on info on Pakistani movies, music and artists. There are also many useful info on Pri-partition Indian and Pakistani movies.

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