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Remembering Master Inayat Hussain

Master Inayat Hussain

 (d. 26.3.1993)
Film Music director

Master Inayat Hussain
Master Inayat Hussain was a legendary music director in Pakistani films.
He was ranked as one of the all time best music directors in Pakistani movies, who composed super hit music for many big musical Urdu and Punjabi movies like Shammi(1950), Gumnam (1954), Qatil (1955), Anar Kali (1958), Azra (1962), Ishq Par Zor NahinIk Tera Sahara and Seema (1963), Naela (1965), Dever Bhabhi (1967), Dil Mera Dharkan Teri (1968), Dil Dian Lagian (1970), Pehli Nazar and Jabroo (1977) and Moula Jatt (1979).
Master Inayat Hussain's first composition was in a pre-partition Lahore based Punjabi film Kamli in 1946. After independence he was music director for Urdu film Hachkolay(1949) but the breakthrough came in the next year with a super hit Punjabi song in filmShammi (1950):
  • Ni Suhay Chooray Waliye, Zara Ik Wari Aaja.. singer Inayat Hussain Bhatti
He became popular in the whole subcontinent after his memorable composition in Urdu film Gumnam (1954):
  • Payel Mein Geet Hayn Chham Chham Kay.. singer Iqbal Bano
Master Inayat Hussain was recognized as a legend after these mega hit song in filmQatil (1955):
  • Ulfat Ki Neyi Manzil Ko Chala.. singer Iqbal Bano
  • O Maina, Janay Kya Ho Geya.. singer Kousar Parveen
Master Sahib composed music for more than 60 Urdu and Punjabi movies during his career from 1946-85.
Master Inayat Hussain was brother of musician Akhtar Hussain Akhian (Patey Khanfame) and Master Abudullah (Malangi and Ziddi fame). He was uncle or Mamu of late musician M. Ashraf.  He passed away on March 26, 1993.

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