Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sultan Rahi

Sultan RahiRemembering Sultan RahiSultan Rahi was a legendry action film hero and The Sultan (The King), who ruled Pakistanifilms in two decades from 1975-1995. He appeared in more than 700 movies and was the most successful film hero on box office ever. He began as an extra actor in 1956 from film Baghi but struggled many years. In the late 60's he got some significant roles as supporting, villain and character actor. 
" 1972 was a turning point in his film career, when three of his main films celebrated diamond jubilees. In 1975 he appeared in a very violent but super hit film and became an icon of action hero. In 1979 film Moula Jatt created all time business records and Sultan Rahi was in the title role. He dominated film industry until his tragic murder on January 9, 1996. 
To Remembering The Sultan, here are some amazing film records and pictures of this great actor, which are provided by his fans Mr. Mazhar Ul Haq, Tariq and their friends from Pakistan. I'm also grateful to Mr. Waseem Khawar from Saudi Arabia who contributed to film records from Lahore circuit. See also:

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