Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Film Poster of the Month
It was a common practice to re-design the original film posters for re-realsing of old movies like Bedari (1957)famous film Bedari (first released on 3.12.1957, see the original poster here). A beautiful poster was created with the background of Pakistani flag and the main character of the film Rattan Kumar in the middle. The founder of the country Qauid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Quad-e-millat Liaquat Ali Khan, President (1958-69)General Mohammad Ayub Khanand few Nishan-e-Haiderholders were added to the poster. ironically, this film was a carbon copy of an Indian film..Lambay Hath Qanoon day (1974)
The another example is a poster from filmLambay Hath Qanoon Day (released on 13.12.1974), which was not an original name for this film. Actually, it was cheating by the producer, because it was an old film Jani Dushman (released on 29.9.1967), which was re-released with new name and a hand written label on film Jani Dushman's posters..!

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