Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Munawar Zarif
Comedian, Hero, Singer
First film: Dandian (Punjabi - 1961)
Last film: Lahu de rishte (Punjabi - 1980)
Munawar Zarif was the all time greatest ever comedian/hero in Pakistani films (60s & 70s). He started his film career from a Punjabi film Dandian in 1961 and got breakthrough from filmHath Jori in 1964. After a marvelous film career as a top comedian, he became film hero - first as side-hero in Pardey mein rehne do and then in the title roles and hero in the same year 1973 in Banarsi Thugg and Jeera Blade. He appeared in more than 300 films in just 16 years from 1961-76. Here are some of his very famous films in different roles:

Munawar Zarif was born in Gujranwala on February 2, 1940 and died in the age of just 36 years by heart attack on April 29, 1976. He was younger brother of 50s great comedian Zarif (Mohammad Siddiq). His son Fiasal Munawar Zarif was introduced as hero in two films in the 90s with Puttar Munawar Zarif da and Putter Jeerey Blade da, but he failed. Munir and Rasheed Zarif were his other brothers. His youngest brother Majeed Zarif is still in film industry as comedian/co-actor.

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