Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Remembering Lala Sudhir - The First Action Hero in Pakistani movies

Sudhir was Pakistan's first super star action film hero. He was very successful in both Urdu and Punjabi films. He had a long film career of 38 years and appeared mainly in main roles in films. His first film was before partition, New Hindustan Film's released Farz was directed by Narijan and the heroine was Ragni.
In Pakistan, he was hero of the third released film Hachkolay in 1949. Daud Chand was director and Najma was heroine. Sudhir's last film was Son of AnnDaata in 1987. He appeared in a total number of 173 films, 70 Urdu, 101 Punjabi, one Pashto and one Indian (or before partition) film.
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